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I am a specialist in IT, providing applications through .net and providing solutions for server packages. I firmly believe in the open-source ideas, and most of my developments have been released under the GPL, even though they were on systems more renowned for their closed source software.

I am currently heavily involved in web development, and releasing a number of web apps and solutions using php.  I am still researching security, as it is still a major underlying factor in decisions that have to be made.  I also help to setup and configure web servers for use and help to optimize currently written web pages in order to improve SEO, or simply improve the speed of the web apps.

I hope you enjoy the blog an find some useful or thought provoking comments. Feel free to reply, or disagree with any of my blogs.

  1. Hm, no contacts page.
    I really like your level and style of writing. You can definitely write something good for Smashing Magazine or Net Tuts and help the community.
    All the best,
    Menian Lee

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